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Bore Park and the Tidal Bore

Bore Park and the Tidal Bore

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Bore Park and the Tidal Bore


Bore Park is a small municipal park with a viewing area overlooking the Petitcodiac River which offers an excellent vantage point from which to view the amazing Tidal Bore and incoming tide, an undeniably amazing phenomenon.

The tidal bore is a wave of water that immediately precedes the incoming tide. Soon after the wave goes through, the tide rises quickly and impressively in this region which experiences the highest tides in the world. Try to catch the tidal bore when the moon is full to see a more impressive wave. The size and speed of the bore vary depending on the proximity and alignment of the moon with the Earth and Sun. The recent opening of the causeway gates on the river have resulted in a widening of the river channel and a gradual reversion of the tidal bore towards former larger bores when the river used to run free prior to 1968. Historically, the tidal bore is known to have occurred at well over a meter in height and sometimes traveled more than 10 km per hour.

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Image by Anne Marsch