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Hike to a 3,000 Year Old Bog and Find Carnivorous Plants in Fundy Park!

Please Note: It may be smart to bring a bug jacket or bug repellent if you’re visiting in late spring or early summer.

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Hike to a 3,000 Year Old Bog and Find Carnivorous Plants in Fundy Park!

Visit Caribou Plain in Fundy National park, get introduced to a family of beavers and learn how their activity helped formed these important wetlands. Discover other interesting bog tenants like Pitcher Plants and Sundews: two carnivorous plants that eat insects!


Trail Info

Caribou Plain has two short loop trails through the wetlands. The first is wheel chair accessible and only 0.5 km in length. It will take you through the forest and over an old beaver dam, almost exclusively using boardwalk. The second and larger loop trail is well groomed and includes short sections of boardwalk. It is 2.1 km in length, traveling through mature stands of mixed wood and hardwood forest. At the apex of the loop two short side trails bring you to look-out platforms along Caribou Lake, one of which overlooks the domed Caribou bog. Several interpretative signs help explain interesting ecosystem here. Expect to see bog plants and sphagnum mosses around the lake edge, while frogs and dragonflies abound in summer as well. Perhaps you’ll even see a moose if you’re lucky. This trail is accessible all year round and its flat surface makes for great snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in winter. During spring before the tree leaves emerge, spring ephemeral flowers are numerous in the hardwood forest.

Please take note of the following trail particulars: