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Crooked Creek Look-Off

Crooked Creek Look-Off

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Crooked Creek Look-Off


This is a look-off situated a few kilometers north of the junction between route 114 and Forestdale Rd (which becomes Crooked Creek Rd) in Riverside-Albert. From the look-off platform, one can take in a totally amazing view of the Caledonia Gorge.

The Crooked Creek Look-off, which takes in a good proportion of the Caledonia Gorge, is located in a Class 2 Provincial Protected Natural Area (PNA), looking down at Crooked Creek. Hawks and Eagles can sometimes be seen riding thermal air currents above the spectacular gorge, especially while migrating along the ridges in spring and fall. It is also a great place to witness the fall colours in late September to mid-October. Other than the viewing platform, there is a picnic area with dry toilets and the head of small loop trail that goes through a pleasant little section of Acadian Forest.


Photo by Ben Phillips