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Fundy Park Microclimate & Birds With Diapers!

Please Note: The gate on the Point Wolfe road closes in early November and reopens in May, limiting access to this trail. Bicycling, walking, snowshoeing or skiing to the trail head are alternatives for trail access in late fall or winter.

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Fundy Park Microclimate & Birds With Diapers!

Visit a hidden micro-climate created by a waterfall at Dickson Brook, in beautiful Fundy National Park. Explore a gorge carpeted with vibrant mosses, lichens, and ferns and watch small birds called fly catchers feed insects to their chicks.


Trail Info

Dickson Falls is the most popular trail in Fundy National Park. A shorter loop of 0.7 km and a longer loop of 1.1 km both descend into Dickson Brook valley along an extensive boardwalk with many stairs. This route allows easy access to a steep walled gorge and waterfall while also protecting the lush, sensitive vegetation. Dickson Brook begins and ends in the park, resulting in very clear, cool water. There are many interpretive panels along this trail. Please stay on the boardwalk to help maintain the “untouched” beauty of Dickson Brook.


Please take note of the following trail particulars: