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Laverty Falls, Through Forest to Falls

Please Note: Laverty Road must be open to reach these trailheads. The road normally closes in November and reopens in May. Cell phone reception to Bell and Telus service is possible at the trailhead but otherwise you will be inaccessible to the outside world.

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Laverty Falls, Through Forest to Falls

In the old growth Acadian Forest, biodiversity doesn’t just live above ground. Beneath the surface a great range of fungi extend their mycelium threads in all directions, to trade minerals for carbohydrates with trees. Mushrooms are the fungi’s flowers, and they sprout up, through the forest floor, in an astounding variety of colours and shapes. Together these partners filter and feed purified water into the tributaries that eventually merge and flow down into the valley, to form Laverty Brook. This brook is famous for its massive falls found in the heart of Fundy National Park.


Trail Info

The Laverty trailhead is located at the end of the Laverty Road near Moosehorn and The Forks trailheads. Once you reach the end of the 6.5 km dirt road, you will find all three trails radiating out from a grassy field with pit toilets, a map and picnic tables. The Laverty hiking trail travels through textbook Acadian hardwood forest. Old growth sugar maple, yellow birch and red spruce trees are numerous, as well as the odd disease-free American beech. Forest seeps and streams will have to be hopped across. The trail descends 160 m over 2.5 km one way to reach Laverty Falls. Access to both the top and bottom of Laverty Falls is available. The relatively deep bedrock lined pool at the bottom of the falls is a popular summer swimming hole.

From Laverty Falls you can continue to hike along Laverty Brook, and later the Broad River, to reach Moosehorn. This leisurely 2.5 km hike follows the bank of the river closely descending a further 40 m in elevation. The river portion of the trail is moderately difficult, and becomes very tricky once the roots and rocks section near Moosehorn is reached. Hiking out the Moosehorn trail is a difficult climb. For more information on completing the loop please see the Moosehorn trail description. The total loop hike back to the parking lot along the Moosehorn Trail is 7.2 km.

The Third Vault Falls trailhead is located 1 km down the Laverty Road. It is close enough that this trail can be accessed via the main road, out of season, once the Laverty Road is closed. The parking lot has pit toilets and a map. This trail meanders through rich mixed wood and deciduous forest as it descends 190 m over 3.7 km on its one way journey to the falls. The descent is gradual but steepens over the last 500 m. Some switchbacks and stairs help you to bottom and a final scramble is necessary to reach the very base of the falls. Third Vault Falls is the tallest in the park at 16 m height. Snowshoeing to this location in winter will offer an attractive frozen falls that few people ever see.


Please take note of the following trail particulars: