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Point Wolfe River Estuary

Point Wolfe River Estuary

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Point Wolfe River Estuary


This is one of the main river estuaries and focal areas of Fundy National Park. Many trail heads are found here, including the Goose River Trail (which accesses the Fundy Footpath), as well as the Rat Tail, Coppermine, Marven Lake, Coastal and Shiphaven trails. One of the park’s main campsites and a covered bridge reminiscent of those from a bygone era in the region are here as well. Point Wolfe is one the principal sites where Peregrine Falcons (one of the FBR’s Amazing Species) were reintroduced into the wild after a long absence, mostly during the 1980s, through a hack box release program. Peregrine Falcons had disappeared from much of eastern North America during the middle decades of the twentieth century, due to bioaccumulation of the pesticide DDT in their body tissues. This made the birds ill and rendered their eggs brittle-shelled, fragile and often unviable and populations of this species and many other raptors were decimated. Since 1987, Peregrine Falcons have been coming back and are now nesting “unaided” around the Bay. There are currently more than a dozen pairs nesting in the region. Peregrine Falcons are often said to be the fastest birds on Earth, sometimes reaching speeds in excess of 300 km/hr in a stoop (dive) while hunting!

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Image by Brian Townsend/Parks Canada