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Rapidy Brook

Rapidy Brook

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Rapidy Brook


This is a heavily bouldered brook situated in a very abrupt, v-shaped valley with precipitous slopes. The brook crossing along the Footpath is close to a kilometre inland from the coast.

The brook drains an expansive, flat, boggy wetland on the plateau. It travels slowly across the plateau and then loses 200 m elevation over an approximately 2 km distance as it plunges dramatically toward the bay. There is also a waterfall found a short distance below the footpath crossing of the brook, but there is no blazed route to the waterfall and the rock scramble down to it can be quite treacherous, so it is best avoided by all but the most experienced visitors. The Fundy Footpath crossing of Rapidy Brook is about 900 m inland from the coast. Much like the waterfall, the coastline is practically inaccessible from this point.


Image by Marc Leger