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Shepody Marsh (Harvey to Riverside-Albert)

Shepody Marsh (Harvey to Riverside-Albert)

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Shepody Marsh (Harvey to Riverside-Albert)


This is a large, dyked, formerly mostly salt marsh complex (now largely freshwater and agricultural land) that is criss-crossed by a network of nice, hikeable dirt roads that give access to the various pastures that dot the land. It is traversed by the Shepody River.

This whole area has been used as farmland since the late 17th century. The original dyke system dates back to that period, although it has been largely upgraded and modernized. Short-eared Owls nest here (they are a federal species of Special Concern); one can also see Northern Harriers, Turkey Vultures (sometimes 25+ at a time!), Red Foxes, American Kestrels, Bobolinks, Savannah Sparrows and other typically open country birds and animals.


Image by Ben Phillips