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Shepody NWA / Lars Larsen Marsh

Shepody NWA / Lars Larsen Marsh

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Shepody NWA / Lars Larsen Marsh


This is large freshwater marsh with a superb viewing platform. The western, fresh water side of the marsh (Lars Larsen Marsh) is dyked and has a water level control mechanism. The eastern side of the marsh, the mouth of the Shepody River, is a large salt marsh and mud flat region which experiences the full effect of the world’s highest tides.

The entire Shepody National Wildlife Area occupies an area of 9.89 km2. It includes Mary’s Point, but also a large, fresh and salt water marsh complex northeast of Mary’s Point that is maintained jointly by the Environment Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service) and Ducks Unlimited Canada as a migratory bird sanctuary and wildlife refuge. Many waterfowl in the region, including important numbers of Canada Geese, American Black Duck, Green-winged Teal and occasionally the very rare Least Bittern, either nest here or stop here during migration. The mudflats are also used for feeding by large numbers of shorebirds in migration, along with the mudflats at Mary’s Point.

Environment Canada

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