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Upper Salmon River Delta, River Meets Tide

Please Note: This area is normally accessible year round and the intertidal zone never freezes. Alma’s amenities are just a few hundred meters away and the park’s campgrounds are equally as close. Cell service is available for Bell and Telus customers. Rogers does not offer cell service in the area.

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Upper Salmon River Delta, River Meets Tide

Every river eventually reaches the sea and this is where estuaries can form large deltas like the one found at the bottom of Upper Salmon River, in Alma, New Brunswick. Here the mighty tide of the Bay of Fundy makes both the estuary and delta unusually large. This short video uses multi-camera time lapses to show the six hour tidal transformation in a blazing sixty seconds. A two square kilometer area is submerged by the tide and lobster boats that sat on the beach at low tide are lifted more than ten meters. As the tide fills the estuary great blue heron and common merganser hens feast on small fish, and a white tail doe and her twin fawns comb the banks searching for tender samphire greens.


Trail Info

The Alma entrance to Fundy National Park includes a parking lot and the Molly Kool Centre. From here, visitors can cross the road to find an intertidal look-out platform. If the tide is low, it is possible to walk for kilometers in the intertidal zone. The terrain is sometimes sandy, sometimes gravelly, occasionally strewn with large cobbles, partly muddy and contains sea life. You can access certain areas with regular beach type footwear, but boots are recommended if you plan to cross sharp, barnacle embedded, cobblestone fields. Visitors should beware of the quickly returning tide as it can rapidly and unexpectedly encircle raised gravel beds and strand you with no escape. Always keep an eye on the incoming tide and you will be fine; awareness is key!

If you are more interested in the intertidal estuary, a pair of binoculars will serve you well standing at the parking lot or on the bridge. From Fundy View Drive in Alma, you can access a service road along the northeast side of the estuary. This will give you access to the higher reaches of the estuary if you are really interested in wildlife viewing.


Please take note of the following trail particulars: