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About Amazing Places

The Amazing Places are the best hiking destinations of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve – they have a rich natural history, breathtaking scenery, and many uncommon characteristics. The best way to experience this region is to get out and explore the trails, experience the giant tides and confront the rugged coastline. The history of this unique landscape is written in the rocks and rivers of this place – they’re just too beautiful too miss!The Fundy Biosphere Reserve catalogued all of the official trails in the region and designated 50 exceptional destinations along those trails. These became the Amazing Places, bringing awareness to the important natural landscape we aim to conserve. Each Amazing Place is marked by a smartphone-enabled sign, so that you can access important interpretive information about the site, while other tools allow you to learn more. The Google Earth map layer gives you all the geographic information you need to plan your trip. And the Amazing Places videos reveal many secrets of these places, giving you an entirely unique perspective.

About FBR

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve is designated by UNESCO as one of the world’s most unique landscapes. This region in southern New Brunswick boasts the highest tides in the world, endangered Acadian forest, feeding grounds for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, and a rich cultural history, all of which led to this important international designation.The Fundy Biosphere Reserve is a dynamic landscape, where exciting projects in nature and culture conservation, sustainable development, and capacity building are enacted to strengthen the relationship between the communities of this region and their environment.