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Big Salmon River

Big Salmon River

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Big Salmon River


At the river’s mouth is found one of the two major access points to the Fundy Footpath Trail. It looks back towards the “world-famous” suspension bridge on the Big Salmon River and the new Mitchell Franklin Bridge, i.e. west, offering a nice view of the river, the Bay of Fundy and part of the trail system that is contained in the Fundy Trail Parkway site.

You will also find an interpretation centre and the headquarters for the Fundy Trail Parkway here. In the centre, you can learn about the rich logging and shipbuilding history of the community, including its connection with the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and the Pejepscot Paper Company. Also, a rather elevated belvedere overlooking the Big Salmon River estuary and the centre from the east is accessible not too far from here.


Image by Merv J. Cormier