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AMAZING Backwoods Camp Site in Fundy National Park!

Please Note: The gate on the Point Wolfe road closes in early November and reopens in May, limiting access to this trail. Campfires are not permitted at backcountry campsites within Fundy National Park. Remember this campsite, as the entire park, is only open from May through October.

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AMAZING Backwoods Camp Site in Fundy National Park!

Spend a sunrise at Goose River in Fundy National Park, and discover perhaps the best place on the Bay of Fundy to watch the tide swallow a landscape. Watch time lapses of the tide flooding acres of land, and then head up a steep mossy valley to meet the world’s oldest living red spruce tree.

Trail Info

Goose River has the best back country campsites in Fundy National Park. Backpacking into this remote site and spending a couple days camping in a tent on the beach or up near the cliffs will truly put you in touch with the Bay of Fundy and its wild side. It is also a spectacular coastal site to visit on an extended day hike at a 16 km return trip. This trail follows a centuries old cart path and it is possible to bike, albeit rough in sections.

Starting from the Point Wolf parking lot, a 1 km uphill climb will get your heart beating. You’ll cross Hastie Brook as it tumbles toward Point Wolf Beach. Shortly after the fork in the trail, a short decent will bring you to a bridge crossing 1st Mile Brook. Not long after another rejuvenating, nearly identical brook, 2nd Mile Brook, crosses the path. After climbing out of the valley, the topography flattens, before the long gradual decent to Goose River. Upon arrival, short branches of the trail will lead to two cliff side campsites on the left. Beside a small bridge, a beautiful, clear, cold spring flowing from a pipe offers a great water source for campers and hikers. This is not the end however, the trail continues down a much steeper slope to reach the beach. At the beach two campsites amongst the sand and cobbles sit just meters above the reach of the tides.

From the beach, the rocky intertidal zone can be explored at low tide, or the next section of the Fundy Footpath to Rose Brook can be hiked. Relaxing on the beach in this Amazing Place is always a strong third option. Bringing a tide schedule with you to Goose River is highly recommended. Campsite reservations must be made and can be done by calling 506-887-6000.


Please take note of the following trail particulars: